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Data analysis plays
a very important
role as regards
decision making.

  • Datalytics.

    Multipurpose BI control panel platform connectable to different data sources in order to show KPIs oriented to the decision making process suitable for all kinds of screen.

  • Reports.

    Multidimensional control panels with adaptable graphics (which the user could export in different formats) according to the KPI needed in each case.

  • Trend analysis.

    We bring you the latest insights and purchasing tendencies , as well as all the information regarding product usage and services providers and their competition in order to help the decision making process be based in accurate data.

  • Leads.

    We create digital marketing campaigns together with our BI power group, in this way, enhancing our capacity to discover new leads and increase sales.

  • Social listening.

    We closely listen to the digital media universe so as to process, analyze and develop context dashboards, to carry out competition analysis and create digital reputation.

How can we define

Datalytics is more than a simple dashboard, it could be define as an integrated tool used for the decision making process to be based in pure accurate data.

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Scidata - Brand Community
Scidata - Brand Community
Scidata - Brand Community

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