A Brand
allows us
to understand
and have an
insight of
our clients’ needs.

Scidata - Brand Community
  • Moderation.

    The automatic moderation as well as the experience of our educators are key in order to create solid relations and engaged users.

  • Gamification.

    Increase the users’ involvement and compromise by incorporating gaming and reward techniques to the brand community.

  • Engagement.

    Let your users be in charge of your community and suggest new ideas in order to create engagement, loyalty and a sense of belonging.

  • User education.

    Our educators ensure that your clients help each other with the quality and credibility that only few professionals in the area are able to provide.

  • Data analytics.

    Track the progress of your community in real time and check historical reports in order to have a better understanding of your clients’ needs.

  • Polls and trivia

    Measure the effectiveness of your community and NPS or send fun trivia questions to all your users so as to inform and educate them.

How does

Users of the game will have to carry out missions
and participate in games involving your business plans in
order to achieve the goals proposed by your brand community.

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Scidata - Brand Community
Scidata - Brand Community
Scidata - Brand Community

Looking for
new alternatives
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Brand communities are the latest solution
regarding online support so
as to boost your digital presence
and to reduce customer service costs
thanks to the users’ generated content.

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