Scidata - Brand Community

Build your
own Brand

A Brand Community humanizes
the client’s experience and breaks the barriers
between your Brand and your digital audience.

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Let your clients answer and solve any of their own doubts and queries.


We create customized content and optimize your website to improve your client base.


We consolidate your business data base.

Scidata - Brand Community
Scidata - Brand Community

We create content
to boost
your online

We strategically position your brand
by creating
full quality content in your blog
or in our affiliate web sites.

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We analyze
data in order to
track results.

We unify your business data sources in order
to create personalized real-time dashboards
for each business case.

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Scidata - Brand Community
Scidata - Brand Community

Looking for
new alternatives
to provide

Brand communities are the latest solution
regarding online support so as to boost
your digital presence and to reduce
customer service costs thanks to the users’
generated content.

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